A New Beginning, try 2

I don't care much for new year "resolutions" and other such contraptions, but seeing how my last post here was from January last year, while the Drafts folder is getting thicker and thicker, I decided to give it another try. As they say, "perfect is the enemy of good" so…

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2013-2014 New Year's Fireworks

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White Tulip

Fringe Finale — See You on the Other Side

There are few TV shows that really capture my interest, but the ones that do tend to combine intriguing ideas, unusual characters and decent amounts of fun in an unforgettable...

Discarded Christmas Trees

The Plight of the Christmas Trees

As I got out of the house yesterday, I was greeted with the first surprise of the new year — the white blanket covering everything, a première this winter (we...


Snow in Amsterdam 2013

This year snow came to Amsterdam a bit late, missing Christmas by a few weeks. Still, it presented a nice surprise in the morning and a welcome diversion from the...


A Billion Seconds Old

Sometime one of these days, I will become 1,000,000,000 (one billion) seconds old. Of course, being born tends to be a messy affair, it's not an exact science, and then...

2001: A Magnet Odyssey

The Unofficial Story of... Magnets

This was initially written for the internal magazine, called Offline, of the company where I was working in 2012, and published in the December 2012 issue. I added it here...

Server Screenshot

Moving Server and SSL Fun

I've been a bit quiet lately, but that was because of all the work going on behind-the-scenes. I just finished the move of all the websites and mail domains I...

2012-2013 New Year's Fireworks

A New Beginning

Here I am, at the beginning of a new year. There is a lot to look back on, and a lot more to look forward to... But first of all,...

Old Website Screenshot

Hello world!

The last day of some old calendar is slowly drifting away, but the world remains in one piece — unsurprisingly enough. If the Mayans didn't do it, then what I...

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