Privacy Notice

I process your data

This is the personal website of a natural person.

According to the GDPR, "This Regulation does not apply to the processing of personal data [...] 2. (c) by a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity".

I choose to inform you that I process and log the personal data your browser sends to my server (among others, the IP, user agent, and referrer). If you do not wish that I get this data, please instruct your browser not to give it to me: use Tor Browser.

I do this in order to respond to your browser's requests (as every functioning website does), improve my website, help keep it secure, and know how many readers I have and who referred them to me. I store and process all this information locally with a software tool called Matomo.

Given the fact that I do not (at least not knowingly nor intentionally) share or publish this data to a non-ISP third party in any way, I conclude that my processing is a "purely personal or household activity".

If you know of any reason this would not be the case, or in case you still want me to remove your data from my server, please contact me.


I use Isso for comment support. This is because I want to enable comments to allow public discussion on my site.

There is an editing time after posting a comment (about 15 minutes), when you can edit or delete your message without interacting with me.

You may at any time request deletion or modification of comments, by contacting me. This is in case you change your mind about publishing the data after the editing time expires.

In spite of the users manifestly publishing the comments, I have to keep track of some things.

I do not send any automated messages to the e-mail address you provide, even if you choose to provide one when you submit a comment. I might contact you if the discussion gets interesting, however. I will do my best to keep everything secure — I update my server, employ server logs, and defend my server using advanced security practices. But I am only one person with a personal website.

In any case, you can always ask me to remove any of your comments.

Also, according to GDPR Article 9, you as my commenter may not comment anything about anyone's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, nor about genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation.

There is an exception for information pertaining to yourself. I can legally store and publish such comments if you give me your explicit consent beforehand, or if you ask me to "manifestly" publish the data. You can do this via clicking the "Submit" button, or you can ask me to write about you.


My site sets cookies on your browser, both for the analytics tracker and after you send a comment. These cookies have the purpose of avoiding repeatedly counting you, letting you edit a comment after submitting it, and for filling out the forms in your own browser, so you don't have to type your name, mail, and/or site each time. The forms are only sent back to the server if you submit a comment.

I do not use them for anything else, nor do I share them willingly nor knowingly.

You can check any cookies your browser stored about any website by going to Developer Tools (press F12) → Storage (Firefox) or Application (Chrome) tab → select Cookies from the left.

In addition, I think the cookie law is dumb, for the following reasons:

  • One can configure their web browser to discard every cookie, or ask for permission on each site
  • It has wasted countless person-hours, by:
    • requiring people to confirm cookies on every new website they visit, regardless of whether they care
    • requiring every website's developer to implement a cookie prompt, when it could have instead been a required default option for web browsers.

If you are bothered by cookie warnings more than cookies, I recommend I Don't Care about Cookies. If you are bothered by privacy issues, be proactive instead of relying on regulation, use Tor Browser and/or configure your existing browser.

You can process my data

For what it's worth, I give you the right to link to and quote text from this site, given that you attribute it to me via my name and/or a site link.

In case you wish to quote me on my political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, you have my explicit permission as required by GDPR Article 9. In addition, the fact that I have published the data on this website means that my data is manifestly made public by the data subject.

This Privacy Notice was inspired by Dan Gheorghe Haiduc, used under CC-BY-4.0