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The last day of some old calendar is slowly drifting away, but the world remains in one piece — unsurprisingly enough. If the Mayans didn’t do it, then what I am about to do next sure will: opening up my web presence again, this time in the shape of this “digital abode” as I like to call it. It’s been many years, and I used to joke that if I finally did this it would be a sign of the end of times… But here it is, in all it’s glory — my new website!

This is the spiritual successor of my first website which I created sometime at the end of 1999 (yes, feels like a different century… oh wait, it was!) and kept online between 2000 and 2004 at mgc8.virtualave.net.

Old Website Screenshot

mgc8.virtualave.net, circa 2002

At the beginning of 2004, the company running the free web-hosting service I was using stopped providing it, and so offline it went for the next 9 years or so. Many times I thought about resurrecting it on a new domain, but in a textbook example of “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” somehow life intervened and  it never got done. Until today!

I plan to use these pages to bring together some of my thoughts, feelings, writings and ideas, not to mention the occasional rant and even one or two photo galleries. Join me for the ride and don’t be shy to leave comments, I love a constructive debate.


  1. 10 PRINT "HELLO"
    20 GO TO 10

    • Hei, imi amintesc site-ul! Gloria rollover-urilor din Netscape 4, super hi-tech pentru 2002!

      • Haha, într-adevăr, toată navigația scrisă cu document.write() 😉 Dar în mod surprinzător era “responsive”, găselniță care a revenit în vogă în ultima vreme — go figure!

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