A New Beginning

Here I am, at the beginning of a new year. There is a lot to look back on, and a lot more to look forward to... But first of all, there is some recovery to do after last night's adventures 😉

I spent the New Year's Eve over with some friends for a gezellig little party yesterday, and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it — especially the impromptu jam sessions peppered throughout the night. Thank you all for a great time and for the unexpected opportunity to play with a double-bass!

While I will never understand the love Dutch people (and not only them) have for ear-shattering, noise-making bombs that they pop around like there was no tomorrow, I really appreciate a nice fireworks display, and I even brought my own personal contribution to the mayhem last night. It was quite a sight to behold with neighbours lighting the sky on fire for more than an hour, and I even managed to capture the light show with the phone camera (thus please excuse the lack of clarity).

Enjoy and have a wonderful 2013!


2012-2013 New Year's Fireworks
Fireworks in the Pijp, Amsterdam, during the New Year's night between 2012 and 2013




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